Radio Station Database Overview:

Click the Tools-Search For Radio Stations menu item to open the Search Radio Stations dialog.
This tool will search internet radio station data provided by the open source, free, community driven Radio and TV station Database called Radio Browser.

Information about the Radio Browser service can be found at:

DsLav uses an offline, local copy of the database.
You can update this copy from the Tools-Update Radio Station Database menu item.

Station URLs are tested by the Radio Browser service weekly, and so should be live URLs.


Set one or more of the following Search Criteria:

Click the Search Database button to perform the search.
Adjust the search criteria and repeat the search as much as is needed to obtain the desired results.

Sorting Search Results:

The search results can be sorted by clicking the Name, Votes, or Clicks column header buttons in the Results Window.
Note that when sorting with a "Maximum Results" set, all the results are first sorted, then the number of stations limited by "Maximum Results" are displayed.

Importing the Results:

Use the Import Button to import the results to a Topic in the Contents Pane.
A temporary Topic such as "Imported Media" is recommended. Test and Edit stations as needed, then drag and drop the good ones to a permanent folder. The temporary folder and unwanted stations can then be deleted.

Playlists - Pls and M3u URLs:

A search may return one or more Playlist URLs instead of a Radio Station URLs.
These items will have their Names prefaced with "!!Playlist: ", as shown in the example below:
  !!Playlist: Radio Mirchi - 90s Hit Songs
These playlists contains Radio Station URLs which must also be imported.
Once imported to a Topic as described above, you can right-click the playlist in the List Pane, and select the Import Playlist context menu item. That will download the Radio Station URLs from the internet.

Note some of these playlist are schedules for station programs which DsLav will not import or use - they do not provide radio station URLs. DsLav will report "No Radio Stations in Playlist" when importing them.