Tech notes:

Microsoft's DVD Navigator provides decryption facilities for DVD playback. Subtitles/Closed Captioning are not supported. More work is needed here.

LAV supports some Blu-Ray Disc playback. Try an index.bdmv or MovieObject.bdmv file to test. More work is needed here

Using a revised MPC-HC, with the code for finding CD Text removed. That code consumes some 8 seconds for each playback. It would be better to have the application's code look for CD Text once when the disc is loaded. The revised filter,, gets tracks instantly. Since CD Text seems to never exist on commercial discs, DsLav does not bother looking for it.

Uses LAV 0.70.2 for Windows XP, and LAV 0.74.1 for later Windows versions.

Using curl 7.76.0 with WolfSSL 4.8.0, all built with the V100 platform toolset. Used for downloading pls, m3u, and update files.

DsLav was published on CodePlex some years ago to demo using Direct Show with embedded Lav Filters in an app. The name was short for Direct Show/Lav Filters. This is an updated version, and far from a complete media player. The name stuck, for better or worse.